Liverpool Work Experience/Placements

Work Experience at the Liverpool Empire Theatre involves spending a week at the venue and undertaking the Work Experience Project. This project has been designed to help you understand the workings of a venue such as the Empire Theatre, and the work that goes on behind the scenes of all the productions that are staged here.

You will have the opportunity to spend half a day in each of the different departments of the theatre – so one morning you could be writing a press release and the same afternoon observing backstage during a show!

The week promises to be varied, challenging and enjoyable. Your final task will be to collate the information you have collected during the week into a written report, which you can then take back to your school or college.

The aim of the week is to give you as broad an insight into the way a theatre works and the opportunity to experience several different work environments within one building. There is a vast difference between the type of work the marketing department does and the work the stage department does. All however, work on the same product – the production on stage.

Undergraduate/postgraduate placement.
It is possible to spend up to 140 hours as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate student placement within our education and community department.  Placements usually take place from September to April and provide the opportunity to work alongside our team as we deliver performing arts based workshops and projects out in the community.

All placements are best suited to students interested in a career in the theatre or the entertainment industry, especially if they are currently unsure as to which particular area they would prefer, or have a specific idea of their preferred career but want to find out as much as possible about other associated theatre departments. However, the placement is not recommended for those specifically wanting experience in acting, production, costume design, make-up, props, set design or sound engineering, as we are unable to offer placements in these areas.

Before coming on your placement at the Liverpool Empire Theatre you must also go through the Application Process. This involves –

  • A written application submitted at least 6 months prior to your placement (cover letter) from yourself indicating the dates you require for your placement and why you think the Empire Theatre is the place for you. Please send your application to:
    Creative Learning Manager, Liverpool Empire Theatre, Lime Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 1JE.
  • An interview with a member of staff at the Empire Theatre. The aim of the interview is for you to meet staff and discuss the placement or ask any questions, it may also be used to decide whether you are offered a placement due to the high level of applications that we receive.

You must be over 16 years of age to apply.