Work Experience/Placements

The Ambassador Theatre Group offers regular opportunities for young people and students to gain experience of working life in the commercial theatre sector.

The precise nature of Work Experience Programmes varies from venue to venue. To register your interest with the venue you’re interested in visit the Work Experience page for your theatre.

Please note, as most of our theatres are receiving venues we do not have the following departments in-house: costume, make-up, production or stage management. If you are interested in gaining experience in those areas, you need to contact a producing theatre.

Vacancies – Visit the ATG recruitment page for details of current vacancies and internships.

Careers in Theatre – FAQs
> How can I become an Actor?
> How can I get experience as a Theatre Technician?
> What other careers are there in Theatre?
> Find out more about a career in Theatre


How can I become and Actor?
Acting may appear to be a glamorous profession but it is hard work to earn a living.If you are passionate about your desire to be a performer, then you should initially explore different qualifications open to you at school or college, such as Drama GCSE and A-Level which can provide a good foundation in the artform, as well as perhaps joining a Youth Theatre or Theatre School. Most professional actors nowadays have received professional training at one of the accredited drama schools.For a list of which schools are accredited, please see the National Council for Drama Training website (
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How can I get experience as a Theatre Technician?
Working backstage in a theatre can be really exciting – and potentially really dangerous.It is therefore unlikely that you will be able to get work experience in a theatre where you can properly experience technical work. However, the good news is that most theatres have a stage crew – casual staff who come in to work as and when needed.Starting as a stage crew member is an excellent way to learn the ropes and to discover if this kind of work is for you. Doing general crew work will bring you into contact with stage management, technical stage management, flying, electrics (LX) and sound, and will enable you to learn more about any fo the above if you are willing and interested.Contact your local theatre and ask to speak to the Technical Stage Manager oif you are interested in gaining some experience backstage.
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What other careers are there in theatre?
There are plenty of other jobs available in theatre.These range from Marketing, Press, Development (fundraising), Education/Learning (community work), Box Office, Theatre Management, Finance and Administration.These are often areas you can experience through a work placement, so contacting your local venue and explaining what you are interested in is often the best idea.
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Find out more about a career in theatre
There are some general pieces of advice we try to give anyone who is interested in working in theatre…The first is go and see lots of theatre! The best way to find out what you really want to do, or where you want to work, is to experience all sorts of different styles of theatre in all sorts of different places. The more you see, the more you will learn and form your own opinions. It’s also amazing how many people say they are interested in the theatre but don’t’ actually go and see or participate in it! Seeing things also always gives you something to talk about in job interviews or auditions, which is important.The second is to read about theatre. The industry has a weekly newspaper called The Stage, which is a good way to improve your understanding of the sector. Reading reviews in the national newspapers, or joining in discussions on a theatre website can also be useful.Thirdly, get to know your local theatre. If you are lucky enough to have a theatre near to where you live – get to know it, and the people who work there. Many many people in this industry started working in their local venue as an usher, or Box Office assistant, or a member of stage crew. This sort of experience not only improves your knowledge but brings you into contact with lost of other people in the industry, which is usually a good way to find out what other opportunities are out there. For more information visit our comprehensive blog on the subject by clicking here.The Arts Council has produced an excellent website on careers in theatre called It has loads of information about all sorts of different jobs as well as information on qualifications, a CV clinic and an industry overview.
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