West End Work In Theatre – Whatever happened to..?

Since the ATG West End Creative Learning Work in Theatre course began in 2009, we have provided over 150 young people the opportunity to gain an insight into the range of job opportunities off-stage. This hands-on course gives participants a chance to gain inside wisdom on the workings of the biggest commercial Theatre Company in the world, as well as make contacts with Theatre professionals. Previous participants have gone on to forge solid careers in the Arts, and feedback on the course includes:

Since the course, I’m on the StoneCrabs Young Directors Programme and have co-produced the festival Headway. Alongside this, I am producing a production of ‘Cain’ by Lord Byron and producing a show with Hot Coals Theatre Company for Edinburgh Festival this year.

I’ve just been offered a place at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and I’m certain it was due to my participation in the ATG course and all I learnt from it. You have undoubtedly played a major role in me pursuing the career I want and now it is obtainable.


“At school, I have been selected to become a part of my drama committee. I am directing a year 9 play and have been in two plays so far this year. I still think about how good the course was for me, and I can’t put into words how thankful I am for it.”

Since doing the Work in Theatre course, I worked at Trafalgar Studios among other theatres as an usher, which I wouldn’t have been able to even get a chance of without doing the course! I graduated from Goldsmiths last year, stage managed a few shows both fringe and professional and most recently, I have been offered an office internship at ATG! I really don’t think this would’ve been possible if I didn’t have previous experience of knowing how ATG works as a company which ultimately started with the Work in Theatre course. It is extremely encouraging that ATG does so much to open theatre jobs out to young people so we have an opportunity to enter the industry and get the all-important experience that we need!

Since completing the Work in Theatre course, I have carried on volunteering at my local theatre but have been able to step up to the position of Assistant Stage Manager. I have also become a casual technician at the Curve Theatre in Leicester and even managed to gain some experience on a UK Tour, shadowing the stage crew. I would recommend the course to anybody interested in theatre because it gave me a greater understanding of the world of theatre and has helped me get to where I am today.


I am now part of a theatre reviewing website called Everything Theatre and regularly get to see some wonderful, varied shows on press nights, which is fantastic. I also recently took part in a production of Sister Act in stage management which I discovered my love for during the Work in Theatre Course. I am lucky enough to be off to university this year to study Stage Management at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I cannot commend Work In Theatre enough for fuelling my passion for theatre and I completely attribute my place at Royal to the experience I had on the course along with advice I gained.

After completing the Work in Theatre course in August 2015, I went on to finish my undergraduate degree at Durham University. In the next few weeks I will be graduating from Durham hoping to pursue a career in the theatre industry. The Work in Theatre course was an extremely useful, enjoyable experience and applying for it was the best decision I have ever made. Not only did I meet many like-minded people but I learnt a great deal about the industry: how it works, the people in it, and how to get involved. I also learnt about the many possible routes to take and which roles I would be interested in pursuing as a career. The course really confirmed that theatre is the industry for me.”

I’m currently coming to the end of my first year at college where I’m studying a BTEC in production arts. Out of College I have been heavily involved with this year’s York Mystery Plays working as part of the sound department, working alongside top industry professionals making some great contacts. I will also be taking part in a Bristol Old Vic theatre school summer course in technical theatre. Next year I hope to go to a university or drama school in London to study either a foundation degree course or a full BA in Technical theatre and Stage Management. Since leaving London after the work in theatre course I have had a strong yearning to go back and study there doing what I love. The course definitely helped me confirm that theatre was the place I wanted to work in the future.