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Feedback from previous training sessions:Lovely background of the theatre, just the right amount of info. Great to see what the theatre is like and to see parts not generally open to the public.

Great course – would recommend to others. Such a unique experience!

I was initially nervous! But felt at ease really quickly. The actors were great and I really enjoyed the chorus work and I really learned a lot.”

Loved this. Going from being scared of being on the stage to enjoying this showed a boost of confidence. I Left on a high.

I’m very glad I got the chance to take part in this. I think that this is a brilliant opportunity for people who have a love of the theatre but aren’t lucky enough to work in it everyday. Little touches like the actors and announcements and the bows made it more of a memorable and theatrical experience.

If you haven’t already, please do watch our video giving a sense of the sort of ‘magical’ offering we have within our West End theatres.