Oxford News – Opera impresario Ellen Kent met Oxford University Opera Society

There was a meeting of minds at the New Theatre Oxford this week when opera impresario Ellen Kent met with members of the Oxford University Opera Society. Ahead of the curtain rising on La Boheme on Thursday (February 16) Ellen spoke with a group of nine society members about her life as an opera producer, what it entails, the challenges she has faced and the rewards her hard work has as brought.

Ellen Kent, award-winning opera producer, said: “We have to encourage people to come to the opera. It’s so important that we promote it to both current and new audiences, so people can continue to enjoy it for the wonderful art form that it is”.

Louis Prosser, President for Oxford University Opera Society, said: “It was an enormous pleasure for us to meet Ellen Kent. The only way opera will survive is by recruiting young people, and to do that we must prove that opera does not have to seem distant or elitist. It can be affordable, relatable, beautiful, and right here in your local theatre! Ellen is proving this, and the Oxford Opera Society is very grateful for the support she has shown to us as new generation of budding opera lovers”.