Oxford Events

Oxford New Theatre is an active member of the local community having recently partnered with a number of organisations including Soldiers of Oxfordshire MuseumBrasenose College and The Bate Collection.

A key objective for the New Theatre is to engage Oxford’s student population, who make up 24% of the local population (2011 census). There are student discounts available on a number of forthcoming productions and a newly appointed Student Ambassador engaging with students at Oxford Brookes University.

The New Theatre are always keen to work with local schools. Watchfield Primary School, educating 315 pupils who are British military children, recently hosted a performance from the cast of Let It Be during the shows run in Oxford. This Is Wiltshire joined the cast as they visited the Faringdon school. 

Watchfield Primary School Headteacher John Quinn commented:
“This is such an exciting opportunity for all the pupils – and staff. This is something that they will remember for a very long time. How often do you get to see The Beatles in school? Not only that, but to see them close up and play in our school hall.”


To find out how your school can engage with your local theatre, contact Marketing Manager Richard Loftus:richardloftus@theambassadors.com