Glasgow welcomes Liverpool Lord of the Flies dancers

The Liverpool team that worked on the Lord of the Flies project visited Glasgow in January, where the first instance of the Lord of the Flies project (designed to make participating in dance projects appealling and accessible to young boys) was conceived.

The group from Liverpool brought a new piece, a collaboration with the Liverpool Empire’s Youth Dance Company, as part of the Lord of the Flies legacy project to perform at the closing night of Go Dance. In the audience were the LOTF Glasgow boys who had themselves performed a piece earlier in the week, created in partnership with Rambert inspired by Christopher Bruce’s Ghost Dances.

Alison Cowan, Glasgow’s Creative Learning Manager said about the event
Not only was the Liverpool piece stunning; powerful, highly physical and beautifully performed but the magic continued off stage when the two groups of boys met afterwards. There was no awkward teenage silences or embarrassment, the boys immediately connected and chatted instantly sharing their experiences of the project.  Natalie [Creative Learning Manager in Liverpool], the Liverpool and Glasgow dance ambassadors and I stood back and watched…… it was beautiful to watch.”