Stoke-on-Trent Big Dance Festival

Stoke-on-Trent Creative Learning have been playing a fundamental role in revitalising the North Staffordshire Dance Development Partnership (NSDDP).


The network consist of art charities, individual artists and education settings, all with a focus of improving access and communication of dance opportunities across the region. In early July we will be hosting the first Big Dance Festival in the City Centre at the Mitchell Arts Centre and The Regent Theatre.

The festival will bring professional, aspiring & community dancers together with the community to watch, participate and celebrate an exciting weekend of dance; accessible to all ages and abilities. Over two days audiences can enjoy a rich programme of community and professional performances, with outdoor performances by the amazing Company Chameleon

This is a really exciting development for the department as we move into closer partnership working with key organisations; providing more opportunities to inspire our Dance Academy and build better relationships for our 017 Dance festival.